Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for 6th to 10th year

A lot of people hit dead ends when it comes to choosing what are the best wedding anniversary gifts for their partner. Good gift ideas are sometimes hard to come up with. Celebrating anniversaries is essentially a tradition among many people. Most of the people celebrate wedding anniversaries in order to adore and admire the feeling of mutual love of husband and wife for years. Traditionally, every wedding anniversary has a particular gift depending on the number of years the couple has been together. It is believed that these traditional gifts bring good fortune. This is because the gifts consist of some luck-bringing substances. You can always buy anything or be creative and make something for your partner, but why not be inspired by the traditions and have fun doing something special for your better half once a year.

6th Wedding Anniversary: The traditional representation for sixth wedding anniversary is iron and candy. Now iron seems quite odd and candy sounds too simple yet thinking of some suitable and praiseworthy gift isn’t dreadfully hard. As far as candy gifts are concerned you can always order customised candy, a candy that your partner is fond of. You can get wedding date written or have a picture of both of you printed on the candies or chocolates, women love such presents. Wives can give candy roses or bouquet of chocolates to their husbands. With iron you can buy iron jewellery, it might not be like gold and silver jewellery but it’s sticking to luck-bringing gifts. Iron cookware or other kitchen item can also be a perfect sixth wedding anniversary gift for the wife.

7th Wedding Anniversary: The theme for seventh wedding anniversary according to the traditions is copper and wool. One can get so many interesting things within this theme. Husbands can get copper jewellery or cookware for wives. Women can buy copper photo frames and put a picture that has a significant importance in their lives, husbands love such gifts. Wool is an easy gift, woollen sweater for husbands and woollen rug for wives for instance. Coming up with woollen gifts is not a difficult task.

8th Wedding Anniversary: Traditional gifts for the eightth wedding anniversary are represented by bronze and pottery. A bronze cup is something husbands, who go to office, would love. They can use it as a pencil holder or keep paper clips, staplers etc. in it. For wives, once again jewellery is a great option and one can find bronze jewellery easily. With pottery, both can buy sculptures or ceramic decoration pieces that symbolise something in their lives.

9th Wedding Anniversary: China is one of the traditions of nineth wedding anniversary. One can buy practical presents or decorative stuff for the house. Second substance is again pottery. With pottery, either of the partners can buy two same ceramic mugs. And the couple can sip hot drinks together on a holiday. It is a simple yet very thoughtful gift that every couple would love.

10th Wedding Anniversary: Major milestone in married life and the traditional gifts involve tin and aluminium. For wives, one can get a custom-made tin or aluminium picture frame with wedding dates and some other significant dates and put a wedding picture in it for instance. For husbands, one can make fun gifts made out of tin. It should be something that involves memories, for example a tin that can hold memorable stuff from past 10 years.