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Anniversary is a special occasion in the life of a married couple that celebrates all the happy moments spent together with your spouse. But despite the importance of this very special occasion, a lot of couples find themselves short of anniversary gift ideas when it comes to celebrating the event. This is where our website, Anniversary Gifts By Year, comes in handy. We have collected suggestions for the best anniversary gifts by year and by product categories. Now you don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift for your beloved one - you can find them all here.

Here is a sneak peek into the information that our site has to offer. The traditional concept of anniversary gifts by year has pretty much resolved the dilemma of choosing the best gift for your wife or husband. Let’s take a look and see, what kind of a gift you can give to your spouse on which year of your anniversary.

1st Anniversary:

First anniversary is always associated with paper traditionally. However, if you are not a big fan of traditional anniversary gift ideas, you can go for the modern one which means you need to give him/her a special watch. More about personalized gifts for your 1st Anniversary.

2nd Anniversary:

Cotton is the anniversary gift you need to consider, if it's your second anniversary. You can find a range of cotton shirts, trousers for your spouse. For a more personalized touch, better print yours and your spouse’s initials on the shirts. More about personalized gifts for your 2nd Anniversary.

3rd Anniversary:

Go get a beautiful leather wallet for your husband on your 3rd anniversary since leather is the thing for those, celebrating 3rd year of their marital bliss. On the other hand, crystal is the modern anniversary gift idea for 3rd year of marriage. More about personalized gifts for your 3rd Anniversary.

4th Anniversary:

Traditionally, fourth anniversary means getting fruits for your spouses and wrap it beautifully to present it to them. However, if you don’t like the idea, you can think about buying some kind of an appliance as a gift as well. More about personalized gifts for your 4th Anniversary.

5th Anniversary:

Wooden photo-frames with wonderful pictures of you two can be the best gift for your 5th anniversary. Furthermore, you can go for silverware as well to commemorate 5 blissful years with your spouse. More about personalized gifts for your 5th Anniversary.

6th Anniversary:

Candy, if you are a tradition-follower and wooden objects, if you like to add a modern touch, is the right gift for your sixth anniversary. More about personalized gifts for your 6th Anniversary.

7th Anniversary:

Wool is normally suggested for people heading to celebrate their 7th anniversary. You can get a nice woolen sweater for your spouse with your marriage date printed decently on its backside. More about personalized gifts for your 7th Anniversary.

8th Anniversary:

Buy a bronze item or linens and present to your beloved spouse for making your 8th anniversary a special one. More about personalized gifts for your 8th Anniversary.

9th Anniversary:

Leather goods or pottery is the appropriate anniversary gift ideas for your ninth anniversary. More about personalized gifts for your 9th Anniversary.

10th Anniversary:

Having spent ten years with your partner certainly calls for a celebration and a celebration is not complete without giving an appropriate gift. A right 10th anniversary gift would be something like a diamond ring or a nice diamond bracelet for your wife - you can find many of these on our Anniversary Gifts By Year website. More about personalized gifts for your 10th Anniversary.

What about anniversaries beyond the 10th year? Find more idea gifts in the articles section of our site, under "Information" menu.

As you can see by now, there are various interesting anniversary gifts by year, and you can also be creative and come up with your own unique ideas or choose from anything you see here. You have our entire website at your disposal. Happy anniversary!


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